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Ruth Hilton

Developing effective RSE within PSHE and Participation for all Children and Young People.

After working for Local Education Authorities for many years, Ruth is now an independent Advisory Teacher for PSHE with interests in SRE and Participation for pupils with SEN. She is also involved with a charity that delivers SRE to Jewish faith schools and as a member of the Sex Education Forum constantly advocating for increasing SRE provision within PSHE for all schools.

What they offer:

  • Training
    • Bespoke training for all school staff on RSE/PSHE and Participation
  • Consultancy
    • One off or planned series of consultancies for all educational establishments looking to develop any aspect of PSHE and Participation
  • Resources
    • She has written a number of resources and would be willing to help educational organisations develop resources tailored to their client cohort.
  • Other
    •  She can also provide RSE and Participation workshops for Children and Young People of all ages and has worked extensively with staff and pupils with SEND and within faith schools.


Having fought for statutory RSE for all children and young people in every school for the last 30 years, belonging to the SEF has provided an effective lobbying position, support from other members and evidence based research to influence legislative change starting in 2019. Membership has enabled me to gain strength in dark times and will provide strategies to overcome the challenges to come.

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Contact: [email protected]