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The Schools Consent Project

The Schools Consent Project (SCP) is a lawyer-led charity that sends legally trained volunteers into schools to deliver hour-long, interactive workshops to 11-18 year olds on the meaning of consent (legal and non-legal) and various sexual offences, as well as a number of other issues faced by young people, including bystander intervention, the age of consent, responding to disclosures and ways to obtain help. 

Our standard workshop provides a solid base from which schools can continue to build on students’ understanding of consent, ensure the conversation is an ongoing one and fully embed this in the broader school culture. We also offer:

  •  A full through-school consent curriculum with a programme of workshops that can be tailored to schools’ and students’ requirements.
  • Parent/carer seminars 

We employ a factual and objective approach and address subjects that can otherwise feel challenging, sensitive or simply taboo, whilst giving young people agency, enabling them to fully understand the law around sex and consent in order to make informed and sensible decisions for themselves. 

We aim to normalise conversations about consent in order to challenge toxic attitudes in young people, reduce sexual offending rates and create a more responsible and respectful society from the grassroots up. 

By ensuring that consent is a topic that becomes ever more ingrained in the curriculum of every school, consent culture can become the prevailing norm.  


Contact:  [email protected]