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Teaching Lifeskills

Teaching Lifeskills provides schools with Sex and Relationships Education programmes that equip students with the skills they need on their journey through adolescence to adulthood. Yoan Reed is an independent consultant delivering bespoke services to support RSE curricula and policy development, and training and facilitation, by combining national and international research, guidance and best practice tailored to the local context.

What they offer

Professional development and staff training to achieve competencies in delivering comprehensive and high-quality relationships and sex education.
Child protection training.

Consultation with key stakeholders to develop policy, curricula and best practice

Age-appropriate RSE for children and young people via programmes, workshops and assembly address

Parental engagement to empower parents in their role as primary relationships and sexuality educators  

Committed to working in partnership with Sex Education Forum and educational establishments to improve the quality of Comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education.

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Contact info: [email protected]
+4401732460815 / +447703534401