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#11 Can you recommend good RSE resources?

There are a range of relationships and sex education resources produced by voluntary sector organisations, local authorities and commercial companies.

The Sex Education Forum does not recommend specific resources but instead encourages each school or institution to review the materials they use to make sure they are suitable for the children and young people they are working with. This will ensure that you are confident with the materials and they are appropriate to the needs of the group.

When choosing resources you may want to consider the following:

  • Is it consistent with the school ethos, values framework and RSE policy?
  • Is it appropriate to the needs of the pupils in terms of language, images, maturity etc? 
  • Is it inclusive of all children and young people with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability?
  • Does it include positive images of a range of people?
  • Can the resource be adapted according to different levels of understanding?
  • Is it factually correct and up to date?
  • Is it simple to use or is extra training needed?
  • Does it encourage active and participatory learning methods?
  • If you have used it before what feedback did you receive from the pupils?

Under the new Government guidance schools will continue to have flexibility to choose what resources they use. When teachers have adequate subject knowledge in RSE they are able to recognise factually, and medically correct information, and to use a range of resources skilfully to support discussion and challenge discrimination.

A feature of all Sex Education Forum training courses is the opportunity to handle and try out a range of RSE resources produced from across the spectrum of our partners. While we do not quality assure individual resources all of our partners work in-line with our values and principles for RSE. Several our partners produce RSE resources covering a wide range of aspects of RSE.