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#2 What is covered in Relationships Education?

Relationships Education in primary schools will protect children.

The new Governmnet guidance sets out the content under the following headings: ‘Families and people who care for me’, ‘Caring friendships’, ‘Respectful relationships’, ‘Online relationships’, ‘Being safe’.

There is widespread agreement that children need to be able to recognise abusive behaviour and to know how to seek help if they are worried about abuse or experience it.  The new guidance states that by the end of primary school all children should know: ‘how to report concerns or abuse, and the vocabulary and confidence needed to do so’.

The Sex Education Forum believes that Relationships Education should promote equal, safe and enjoyable relationships and be taught in a way which fosters LGBT and gender equality, in line with the Equalities Act 2010. The new Government guidance is compatible with this.

For a model definition of Relationships Education and sex education have a look at our 'RSE definitions guide'. This is free for members here