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London Borough of Bexley

6 March 2018

The Sex Education Forum has been commissioned by the London Borough of Bexley to provide a package of training and support to secondary schools in Bexley.  This includes training for the staff and the senior leadership team, working with schools to ensure their RSE policy and practice is in accordance with the Sex Education Forum's Principles of good RSE, and providing follow-up support for schools as they improve their RSE provision.

To launch the project, online surveys were used to assess the needs of staff and students. Findings from the staff survey were used to tailor a bespoke training package for teaching and non-teaching professionals. The student survey was completed by 1000+ students and this evidence is being used to support schools to ensure that their RSE provision is needs-led. 

The project runs over the 2017/18 academic year. 

Participant Feedback (February 2018):

This training day was adapted from our Get Ready for Statutory training course, tailored to meet the needs of members of the Senior Leadership Team and heads of RSE.

  • 94% of participants rated the day as Very Good, and 6% as Good
  • 100% of participants would recommend the course to a colleague

“Excellent delivery - well structured. Informative”

“Fantastic facilitation”

“Excellent course, so informative, didn't want it to end”