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RSE together - get involved!

18 March 2019

'RSE together' is our new campaign to ensure that voices in support of Relationships and Sex Education are heard. We want parents, young people and educators to get involved!

MPs voted in support of updated RSE guidance and regulations on 27 March 2019, this followed a debate which took place in Parliament on 20th March 2019.  The Government has taken the bold and necessary step of requiring all schools to provide Relationships Education in primary, and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools in England. The Sex Education Forum and others campaigned for this for many years. The guidance will help make this happen.

A vocal minority opposed Relationships Education becoming statutory. Independent surveys show that the majority of parents support all schools providing RSE. 

The Sex Education Forum is calling on parents, young people, educators... all who support education, not ignorance, to ask their MP to attend the debate and vote in support of the new legislation. Our  campaign tool makes it easy to ask your MP for support.

We believe that education, not ignorance, keeps children safe, and that statutory RSE paves the way for greater parental involvement. Please use the RSE together campaign tool to explain to your MP why you support updated and inclusive RSE. #RSEtogether

A briefing for Parliamentarians can be downloaded below.