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#3 What should be included in our school RSE policy?

Government guidance on SRE published in 2000, states that all schools must have an up-to-date policy that is made available for inspection and to parents and that pupils, teachers, parents and the wider community be involved in developing and reviewing the policy. The guidance states that the policy must:

  • define sex and relationship education;
  • describe how sex and relationship education is provided and who is responsible for providing it;
  • say how sex and relationship education is monitored and evaluated;
    include information about parents' right to withdrawal;
  • be reviewed regularly.

The government guidance includes further advice about topics that should be covered by the SRE policy. The Sex Education Forum has produced SRE policy guidance to help you review and develop your policy. 

The Sex Education Forum recommends that relationships and sex education be taught as part of a planned programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education. It is compulsory for schools to have a separate policy on SRE / RSE so it is recommended that a PSHE policy be developed alongside the school SRE policy.