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RSE whole school INSET training

6 May 2022

All school staff have a role to play in supporting the provision of high quality RSHE. This starts with having an awareness of the statutory RSHE guidance and a basic understanding of what constitutes good practice in teaching relationships and sex education. It is also helpful for staff to have considered the core values that are relevant to RSE and how they can contribute to take opportunities in everyday school life to support healthy relationships.

We have designed a 60 – 75 minute INSET training to boost understanding and knowledge about RSE across the full staff cohort and to identify ways in which all staff (including those that do not teach RSE) can make a contribution to the subject having status in the school.

Participants attending this online course will

  • Know what is required by the RSHE legislation
  • Consider elements of whole-school approach, including cross-curricular opportunities
  • Reflect on the values that are relevant to relationships and sex education (RSE)
  • Become aware of basics of good practice in teaching RSE
  • Understand how all staff can contribute to RSE outcomes

A planning meeting with the school RSHE or PSHE education lead will be offered prior to the INSET training so that we can integrate inputs from the school lead within the training if appropriate. The training needs of staff who teach RSE need to be considered separately to this all staff session. 

Booking information: Email for availability and prices.