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Summer Members' Event 2017

4 July 2017

'Celebration and preparation' was the theme for our summer members' event on 4th July 2017. The day was held at 'Resource for London' and included a packed programme with elements of RSE policy, research and practice sharing. Members reflected on the enactment of legislation in March 2017 making RSE statutory and discussed what they would like to see from the regulations and guidance.

We heard from three local authorities about their current practice:

  1. Islington Healthy Schools about their local authority-wide curriculum and how they have supported schools to implement it.
  2. Rochdale Borough Council  have developed a borough-wide programme of child sexual exploitation prevention in primary schools.
  3. How Shropshire County Council's young inspector scheme contributes to quality assurance for RSE and PSHE educatio

Members were able to get familiar with new research through a pair of interactive presentations led by: 

  • Alice Hoyle, on Healthy Sexual Development, lessons for early years and primary SRE
  • Ester McGeeney, on Digital Romance, an introduction to research on young people’s  understanding of relationships mediated/facilitated by technology and lessons for SRE

We rounded up the day with a screening of the award-winning 'Screwball' video from Truetube, with a live 'Q and A' session with the Directors and Actors. 

Next members event

Our next members event will be held on 4th July 2018. This will be exclusive to members and partners of the Sex Education Forum.