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RSE Awards 2022

6 May 2022

Our annual awards celebrating excellence in teaching relationships and sex education are back and we need your help to shine a light on educators who go the extra mile for their pupils and young people.

Relationships and Sex Education is now mandatory, with all schools in England required to follow the new legislation in full since September 2021.  The Sex Education Forum recently asked 1,000 young people about the quality of their RSE and over a third (thirty five per-cent) rated it as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. However, across the country, big improvements remain needed to address how young people want to learn about RSE. Just one in five young people told us they had an ‘opportunity to ask my questions and get answers’ as part of their RSE at school over the last year. While only 14% of young people recalled ‘being asked my opinion about how RSE could be improved’. What young people tell us is that they want more time spent on RSE, with more depth, discussion and diversity.

We know that inclusive, safe, and engaging RSE lessons depend on excellent teachers and educators, who have access to training and support. That’s why we’re putting the spotlight on the people who make high-quality RSE a reality. The RSE Awards are a great opportunity to showcase some of the best RSE delivery practices happening and help to share ideas and teaching methods across the RSE educator community.      

RSE Awards 2022 categories 

Entries are now open and we want to hear from  educators working in school and youth settings in the following three categories: 

●    Educator of the year for inclusive RSE
●    Educator of the year for most improved RSE provision
●    Educator of the year for innovation in RSE

A judging panel, including young people, will decide on the winners, to be announced at the Sex Education Forum summer event on 5th July 2022.

Don't wait to be nominated - put yourself forward and seek the support of either young people, parents, governors/trustees, or colleagues for your entry. If you know an educator with star quality please encourage them to apply and support their entry. 

Need some inspiration?
Former RSE Award Winner, Jo Morgan from Portsmouth Grammar School, shared her thoughts with us on what winning Best RSE Teacher meant to her. ‘The RSE Awards are a fantastic recognition of the hard work RSE teachers and other educators do year-round. During the last 12 months, schools have had to be even more creative and innovative in delivering RSE lessons, and shining a light on their incredible dedication and hard work is such a great opportunity.’ 

Read more of Jo’s interview here

To make your nomination please complete the form below and send it to us by 20th June 2022   

We look forward to hearing from you - good luck!
The Sex Education Forum


Before you enter…

To enter you’ll need to follow these steps

  1. Choose which award to enter for
  2. Write up to 300 words about your RSE provision
  3. Prepare one piece of support evidence (optional)
  4. Secure the support for your entry from two people who will be named on the entry form
  5. Share information about the entry with a senior colleague e.g. Headteacher.
  6. Submit your entry by email to by 20th June 2022